Who is John of God?

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John of God, João Teixeira de Faria, João de Deus is said to be the worlds best known unconscious medium.
He works free of charge three days a week at the spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil, the Casa de Dom Inacio.

As a medium, John of God incorporates over 30 Entities, Spiritual doctors, Saints and psychologists who work with the patients coming from all over the world that are suffering from physical, spiritual and emotional illness of all kind;
cancer, muscular and bone diseases, AIDS, MS, ALS,heart, kidney, longs, lever diseases,Hashimoto,schizophrenia,depression,  thyroid  and autoimmune illness , asthma, allergy’s, alcohol and drug abuse ; practically every illness .John of God in Entity and the spiritual doctors are treating the reason for one’s illness.

Many people have tried everything else without satisfactory results.
The Entities use John of God’s body as a instrument for healing and have literally changed the reality of many thousands of hopeless cases.
Thousands of people make this spiritual healing journey to Abadiania, Brazil, every month to entrust themselves to the positive spiritual energies so powerfully present at Casa and John of God himself.

Who are the Spiritual Doctors?

They are highly evolved spiritual beings who were once in their humans bodies doctors and saints, called Entities. They are  the good spirits as John of God talks about them.
Here you can see from left to right;
Dom Inacio de Loyola- the patron of the Casa, Dr Oswaldo Cruz, Dr Bezerra de Menezes, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr Andre Luiz, and Dr Jose Valdivino.


Other Entities known by name are; King Salomon, St. Francisco de Assis, Dom Ingrid,d-r Jose Penchiado,
St. Francisco Xavier, King David, Mestre Kutumi, doctor Jose, Irmã Sheila.

They have the  capacity of shearing with us their Universal wisdom and medical, psychological and spiritual knowledge of healing . With this powerful energy the Entities can treat any disease of different spiritual grounds with different from the earth known  methods.

From their powerful example of love and compassion we, the spirits in physical bodies, are learning how to live better, to make the necessary inner change towards our happiness and to give our love and help  to other suffering brothers and sisters.The Entities  call us daughters and sons as a prove for their love and compassion.

Why the Entities need a medium to heal?

They need a medium of high capability and similar vibrations through whom they can manifest themselves , to  help us believe in their healing power and to translate their high vibrations to ours so we can receive the blessings, needed for our well-being.
If we were able to receive their messages and healing work without a medium we would have  had a higher vibrations and spiritual evolution which would not allow a physical, emotional, spiritual or mental illness.
To open  up to the fine vibrations of Entities we need to meditate, forgive, give a lot of love and gratitude to everyone and everything that God has created in the Universe.

Because I care about you I highly recommend that the first time you come to see John of God it is best to use a good, professional guide who will save a great deal of misunderstandings of the Casa protocol and will support you in your difficulties trough your healing process

Your guide Tatiana home3 has been a Medium and Daughter of the Casa continuously since 2002 and official Casa guide since 2006.
Since 1997 Tatiana is on the path of  spiritual development , practicing different methods for healing trough  meditation, emotional release, forgiveness .She   visited many different healers and practitioners throughout the world, who helped her learn to strengthen her spirit, mind and understanding. She  learned and practiced Reiki, also learned a different type of massage and by practicing them daily she became a good masseuse.

In 2002  Tatiana entered the best spiritual school at Casa de Dom Inacio, where she became a very strong cleansing Casa medium, able to provide emotional and partly physical release based on love and compassion for different types of suffering. Guided by the Entities and medium Joao, she learned how to cleanse and transform negative energy while working with physical, karmic or emotional pain and illness.
The Entities and medium Joao  place her to work in the spiritual intervention room of John of God where daily more then 120 people from all over the world receive spiritual interventions.
The past years of exposure and daily participation in this powerful healing energy,  has given Tatiana the ability, wisdom and the compassion to become a excellent guide and a spiritual counselor.Tatiana is enjoying a good personal relation with medium John of God for years.

Please, email Tatiana at: spiritualdoctors@gmail.com, call at +1 310 779 9731 or +55 62 81713180


Dear Tatiana, Wow! What a great healing trip! Thank you so much for your loving care after my physical surgery and my invisible surgery on back to back weeks and throughout my whole trip for that matter. Your knowledge of the Casa itself and the village of Abadiania was invaluable.  Also, thank you for your patience with me as it seemed I asked you a million questions over the two weeks.  I had thoughts originally of going to Abadiania without a guide and I truly understand now what a mistake that would have been. Your loving, caring, compassionate nature in my eyes is second to no one. What impressed me the most was your ability to professionally handle all your clients and not judge them for their individual illness’s and short comings in life. I felt at ease with you from the first time I met you and after a few days I could comfortably talk to you about personal  things I have never spoken with anyone about before.  Looking forward to the next trip with you! Thank you again! Love from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chris S.

I found Tatiana’s website when I was searching for information on John of God.  I emailed her quite a bit before I decided whether or not to go to Brazil.  She was very nice, very patient and answered all my questions.  I decided to use her services to book my trip for 2 weeks.  Everything went very smoothly.  The pousada she booked for me was very nice, clean, and the food was great. She was there by my side during all the visits to the Casa.  What impressed me about her was her knowledge of several languages and that she was warm and friendly.  She held my hand when I was scared, she hugged me when I cried, and she laughed with me to cheer me up.  Not only was she my guide and my helper, she became my friend, and I will never forget her.  I would highly recommend to anyone going to the Casa to use her services.  It was worth every penny.  I went to the Casa for many ailments.  Many of which have cleared up for me already.  In particular, I went to find a cure for my terrible insomnia, which has been healed.  For the first time in a year and a half I am sleeping without medication.  To me, this is a miracle. I am very grateful to the Entities, to John of God, to the many good people that run the Casa, and to Tatyana for teaching me all I need to know to get the most out of my time there.  Blessings to you all!

-Lisa K.

Tatiana introduced me to the Casa de Dom Inacio a few years ago now, acting as my guide in Abadiania. She is an excellent and experienced guide and also an unconditionally loving person who I have come to cherish. As she both knows the Casa rules & protocols (and there is much to learn on your first few visits, as it can all be bewildering without a guide..) and because of her strong mediumistic abilities (as a Medium of the Casa) I would highly recommend her.

Apart from helping me with attending current and operations at the Casa, she kept an eye on me at all times whilst in Abadiania and also on returning home. She kept working with me to help me to unload myself of my emotional ‘baggage’. She acts as a messenger for me of Love and Light and has helped me to evolve in conjunction with the work of the Casa’s Entities of Love and Light. For this I will always be grateful!


Thank you so much for your help. I feel liberated. I feel free. I feel my life is about to take off. What you told me – that the obsessors have been taken away for good and to apply the principles of the Casa to keep them away has made such a difference. And I wanted to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!!! You and the Entities have helped me so much and I thank God for that!


Zdravei Tatiana!
Shtastliva sum,che poznavam chovek kato teb.Bez teb patuvaneto ni do Brazil niamashe da e vuzmogno.Mnogo ti blagodaria za perfektnata organizatzia na nashia prestoi i udobstvata,suobrazeni s moeto sustoianie.No tova,koeto e po-vagno sa beztzennite ti suveti i poznavaneto na iztzelitelnia protzes i ne na posledno miasto toploto ti choveshko otnoshenie.
S obich Dani

Four years ago I traveled to Abadiania, Brazil, to the Casa, John of God.

My girlfriend contacted one of the Casa Guidesto help us through the Casa and other things that we may need.  Tatiana, answered that call.  She was so helpful in getting us ready to travel, with what we needed to have, how many suitcases to bring, money exchanges, taxi fares and rentals,and the pousadas rates.  When we got there she greeted us at the airport with Sidney, the cab driver.  She explained everything in detail to us.  I was surprised at how nice our rooms were.  She was honest, caring, loving, and very disciplined about what we should and should not do, as she received messages from the entities themselves.  She spent those two weeks with us, starting in the morning and ending at night.  Some times I had to even send her home to her family.  My experience the first timewith the Entities and her were immeasurable, and the loving support was so rewarding and comforting.  I left with a Gratitude that is unlimited with Love.If you decide to have her for a Casa Guide, I strongly recommend her.  I had her the second year as well, bringing twoother friends with me.  We were not disappointed.  She is a very strong Casa Guide and is very much in touch with the Entities there.  Enjoy your visit and your Casa Guide Tatiana,Blessings,Rev. Mary Ellen Rodrigues, Masury, Ohio,

Nossa amiga Tatiana,

vou terminar por hoje este e-mail para dizer novamente que a A. voltou a casa, à morada que você já conhece e continua bastante fraca e sem forças e nós esperamos com muita fé e esperança pela intervenção e pelo amor das Entidades para nos ajudarem mais uma vez nesta nossa caminhada alumiados pela luz divina de Nosso SenhorJesus Cristo, Nosso Salvador, e pela força curativa e pelo amor das Entidades assim como pela protecção de Santo Inácio de Loyola e daqueles que na Casa nos estão a ajudar com as suas orações e com a sua energia.Obrigado querida amiga Tatiana por tudo que faz pela A., pelo seu carinho e amor por nós. Quando tiver um momento livre e puder dizer-nos algumas palavras ficaremos muito gratos e felizes por saber e seguir os seus conselhos.

Fique com o nosso amor e o nosso carinho, na paz e na graça de Deus.Até breve.

S. e A.


Хора, не правете тази грешка……..

Уважаеми читатели,

много ми се иска с тези редове да бъда полезна на хора, които като мен са заблудени в илюзорната си представа, че могат да се справят с всичко в пътуването си до Бразилия.Основната разлика, която трябва да се има под внимание, е че това не е екскурзионно пътуване или развлекателна отпуска. Да, името Бразилия предразполага за такава първоначална грешка.Трябва, да сте наясно, че сте тръгнали към вашето духовно и физическо изцеление. Това е процес, който само започва с присъствието ви в Каза Дом Инасио де Лойола. И още един много важен момент, на който трябва да обърнете внимание – колко е времето, което ще прекарате там? Обикновенно това са две или три седмици, което седейки в къщи ви се струва много, но на практика не е. За адаптация към климата, обстановката, часовата разлика,промяната в храната, умората и стреса при пътуването, новите хора, различните езици и не на последно място различния режим,дисциплината, която трябва да имате там, са фактори, за които ви трябва време. Много характерна черта на нас българите, в каквата и генерация да си или където и да живееш е че никой не може да знае повече от нас и да ни казва точно какво да правим. Когато получим някаква информация, каквато и да е, от където и да е, ние вече се чувстваме специалисти по въпроса. Много сме самоуверени в себе си за такива неща и не правим разлика между аматьорството и професионализма. Той е израз не само на познания, а и на дългогодишен опит. За нас информацията от интернет е равносилна на всичко това, а това е голяма заблуда.

Аз посетих Каза, за първи път с водач – Татяна Тошкина и реших, че след като владея езици, мога да се справя сама. Предприех второто си пътуване и се сблъсках с толкова много проблеми при подготовката си, че дори времето, което загубих в търсене на хотел, такси и най – добри условия за престоя ми, нямаше да доведът до никъде, ако не беше помощта за която помолих, кого ? Татяна -човекът, който беше с мен във всичко при първото ми посещение. Беше и сега, без да е задължена или обвързана да го прави.От разстояние с много търпение и доброта ми помогна не само да стигна до там, а да ми и отговаря. Пишех й всеки ден защото имах нужда, не само от това да споделя преживяното, което е много. Трябваше ми някой, който наистина знае какво става, да ми даде съвт за следващата стъпка.От трите седмици престой там, смело мога да заявя, че само двете бяха пълноценни. Не малка причина беше факта, че пътуването ми до там се превърна в 33 часов кошмар след като самолетите закъсняваха, бях пренасочвана и вместо в 9ч. сутринта, пристигнах в 8 ч. вечерта и кой ми помогна за това, да не остана на летището – Татяна. Тя успява да се свърже с таксиметровия шофьор( 95% от тях не говорят друг език освен португалски) и така успях, да се прибера в хотела.

Проблемите ми, обаче не свършиха с това. Багажа ми беше загубен и 4 дни аз нямах нито белите си дрехи нито каквито и да са летни дрехи. Там е доста скъпо за такива покупки, а и предлагането ако го има е много оскъдно. Но, да припомня – там си за лечение и спокойстие не за пазар и решаване на битови условия. А колко, беше лесно, когато следвах указанията написани от Татяна -….” 3 комплекта бели дрехи в ръчния багаж…..” и т.н и т.н.

Когато на другият ден исках да задам въпросите си към Съществата, трябваше, да търся преводач от англ. на португалски, който и да иска да е по – точен е невъзможно, защото хората са неимоверно много. А Татяна знаеше всичко за моя случай и беше толкова по – спокойна и лична срещата между нас. Разбрах, че огромната част от контакта ми със Съществата зависи от преводача.

Мисля да спра дотук, въпреки, че не съм споменала колко е важно, да си съветван в самия момент, да имаш точния човек с когото да медитираш, да избегнеш всичките грешки, които можеш да допуснеш от незнание или от всякаква емоция или състояния,през които преминаваш там.Всичко е много различно от нашия живот в къщи а и е едно динамично място, което се променя и развива. Струва ти се че е същото, но усещаш, че е доста по – различно от предишния път.

Ние хората търсим водач когато сме на места, които не познавме за да си спестим проблеми и сме по – ефективни,за да бъдем преведени. Защо се заблуждаваме, че ще се справим сами в една материя, за която не сме посветени достатъчно. Невидимия свят, който съществува успоредно с видимия изисква, още повече светлина и познание, което трябва да признаем, водачи като Татяна имат.

Миглена Пашкова